Family Lawyers In New Westminster & Burnaby

Kinman & Associates handle family law cases including separation, cohabitation, divorce, child custody, property division, child support and spousal support cases. We recognize the emotional struggles our family law clients face during the breakdown of a relationship and we are here to help protect our client’s legal rights.

Our Lawyers Have Won Countless Cases in Family Law in Burnaby & New Westminster

Family law cases are always complicated and a mess to deal with, which is why not many law firms deal with such cases. You won’t need to go anywhere else if you’re dealing with a family problem or a dispute because we have experienced family lawyers in New Westminster and Burnaby who can take your case. We have a winning record in family law in Burnaby & New Westminster and have handled family law cases of all manners and types. We understand the complexity of resolving family law cases and ensure that your family lawyer in Burnaby will keep that in mind when fighting your case.

There can be complications, feelings, and resentments involved in family law cases because you will be going up against people you love and have grown up together with. Some of the family law cases that we have handled at Kinman & Associates include:

   Property division
   Child support
   Spousal support

We are familiar with the emotional turmoil that our clients face when they bring their cases to us. Family law cases are tough to deal with because they are a result of relationships breaking down and our family lawyer in Burnaby are here to help.

Experienced Family Lawyer in New Westminster & Burnaby

At Kinman & Associates, we have practised family law in Burnaby and New Westminster for years and are always committed to protecting our client’s legal rights. We know that every case is emotional and different from the rest and our family lawyer in New Westminster is equipped to handle that. You won’t need to worry about anything because our lawyers will handle all the complexities of your case.

We ensure that your legal rights are protected and you are getting the best result possible in court in any family law case. Our lawyers have won countless cases and dealt with all kinds of problems involved in family law over the years. It may not be the prettiest legal battle and sometimes cases can drag on for weeks and months but we promise to get you the right result at the end.

Our family lawyers have won countless cases and they will always place the protection of your legal rights above everything else. It doesn’t matter how complicated the case or how bitter the emotions are between both parties; we will help you win your case with complete confidence. So, if you’re looking for a family lawyer in New Westminster and Burnaby for your case, get in touch with us today.

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